SubCat imperatives
Lexical Range N/A
Level A2
Cando Can use the imperative to give instructions.
Corrected Learner Example Take a taxi to the Petrol station then call me. (Libya; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2009; Arabic - Meghreb; Pass)

The easiest way to get to my house is by Underground. Take line 14 and then change to line 8. Walk a little bit more and then you arrive. (Brazil; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2009; Portuguese; Pass)

Wear an apron over your clothes. (India; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2006; Hindi; Pass)

Bring some money with you. (United States of America; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2009; Russian; Pass)

Take a yellow bus near Green Park at 5.45 pm. Remember to bring your camera! (Italy; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2009; Italian; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
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