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English Profile is a collaborative programme endorsed by the Council of Europe, designed to create a ‘profile’ or set of Reference Level Descriptions for English. These will provide detailed information about what learners 'can do' in English at each of the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), offering a clear benchmark for progress for English language learners.

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This site gives the background to the English Profile programme and provides access to our resources, including the English Vocabulary Profile, which is a searchable listing of the words and phrases typically produced by English language learners at each level of the CEFR. It provides information at word and sense level, as well as examples of the word in use by real learners, extremely useful for anyone in the ELT community. Subscription is free through this website.


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Sixteenth English Profile Seminar

The sixteenth annual English Profile seminar will take place on the 6th of February 2015, and will again be held in the Cass centre, at Cambridge University Press. Talks this year will include a presentation on teaching grammar by Michael McCarthy, an update on the now completed English Grammar Profile, and information about ongoing work on assessing pronunciation, automated assessment and other projects relating to English Profile.

Grammar Gems

English Profile is publishing a series of 'Grammar gems' - insights into how students learn grammar that have emerged from the research being carried out for the English Grammar Profile. You can access these grammar gems through this website, or sign up to our newsletter to receive each gem as it comes out.

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