SubCat position
Lexical Range 2
Level A2
Cando Can use an increasing range of degree adverbs before an adjective.
Corrected Learner Example I'm so glad you are coming. (Mexico; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2009; Spanish - Latin American; Pass)

They are quite expensive. (Malaysia; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2008; Chinese; Pass)

The only bad thing is, it was too cold! (Taiwan; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2009; Chinese; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
Comments General note about adverbs: By A2, the position of adverbs has been grasped but there are still a lot of persistent word order errors, peaking at B1, for example, 'I bought yesterday a new T-Shirt.' (A2 WAYSTAGE; 2008; Greek; Pass), 'I enjoyed very much my holiday.' (2665686_1; KETfS; Uruguay; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2009)
Note on spoken data: we anticipate that spoken data would reveal other adverb patterns which we're not seeing in the written data, e.g. initial-position negative adverbs + inversion and the development of mid-position ‘comment’ adverbs ('I stupidly left my keys at home').

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