English Vocabulary Profile Online - British English

Results 15521 - 15540 of 15696
Base Word Guideword Level Part of Speech Topic Details
would rather B1 phrase people: personality Details
be under the impression B2 phrase people: personality Details
values B2 phrase people: personality Details
fear the worst C2 phrase people: personality Details
the vote C1 phrase politics Details
the underground A2 phrase travel Details
on the whole B1 phrase work Details
make your way C2 phrase work Details
the unemployed C1 phrase Details
unusually for sb C2 phrase Details
be unclear about sth B2 phrase Details
the unknown C1 phrase Details
an unknown quantity IDIOM C2 phrase Details
as usual A2 phrase Details
come in useful C2 phrase Details
a working knowledge of sth B2 phrase Details
differ/vary widely B2 phrase Details
wrongly accused/convicted/imprisoned, etc. C1 phrase Details
have a weakness for sth/sb C2 phrase Details
a vicious circle/cycle C2 phrase Details

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