SubCat adverbs as modifiers
Lexical Range 2
Level B1
Cando Can use an increasing range of manner adverbs and adverb phrases to modify how something happens.
Corrected Learner Example They are like my sisters. We go everywhere together. (Argentina; B1 THRESHOLD; 2009; Spanish - Latin American; Pass)

You are a sweet and caring guy and wherever you'll go, you'll fit in easily! (Lebanon; B1 THRESHOLD; 2008; Arabic - Levant; Pass)

Of course you have to eat carefully. (Turkey; B1 THRESHOLD; 2009; Turkish; Pass)

Then I took a knife and opened it very carfully and slowly like there was something breakable in it. (Germany; B1 THRESHOLD; 2008; German; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
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