SubCat adverbs as modifiers
Lexical Range 1
Level A2
Cando Can use a limited range of adverbs ('actually', 'unfortunately', 'of course', 'I’m sorry') to indicate an attitude or viewpoint.
Corrected Learner Example It's very nice that you're going to help me to paint my bedroom. Actually I want you to decide what colour that my room should be. (Thai, A2 WAYSTAGE, Pass, 2006)

Unfortunately, my team lost. (Others, A2 WAYSTAGE, Pass, 2004)

[talking about a watch] It costs €450 and of course it is black. You know black is my favorite color. (Turkish, A2 WAYSTAGE, Pass, 2007)

I'm sorry you can't find it. (Greek, A2 WAYSTAGE, Pass, 2006)
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