SubCat adverbs as modifiers
Lexical Range 2
Level A2
Cando Can use an increasing range of adverbs ('usually', 'often', 'never', 'weekly') to talk about frequency.
Corrected Learner Example People usually try to eat their breakfast between 7 and 9 am. (A2 Polish)

I have to pay weekly or monthly? (A2 WAYSTAGE; 2009; Portuguese; Pass)

I often go to the Shanghai Museum. (China; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2002; Chinese; Pass)

You never remember anything! (Spain; A2 WAYSTAGE; 2006; Catalan; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
Comments 'Often' and 'never' appear at A1 in the EVP. While A1 students might recognise these words there is not enough evidence of successful grammatical use until A2.

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