Element FORM/USE: 'AS … AS'
SubCat comparatives
Lexical Range N/A
Level B1
Cando Can use '(not) as' + adjective/adverb + 'as' to introduce a clause (often with a substitute auxiliary verb) to talk about two things being equal or unequal in some way.
Corrected Learner Example When I come back from the hospital, I will try to cover the work as much as I can. (Thailand; B1 THRESHOLD; 2006; Thai; Pass)

The weather is the best, it is not as cold as I expected, it is just perfect. (Mexico; B1 THRESHOLD; 2001; Spanish - Latin American; Pass)

Now I've bought a computer and I'm not watching T.V. as often as I did. (Georgia (Republic of); B1 THRESHOLD; 2007; Georgian; Pass)

I really don't like trousers as much as you do. (Libya; B1 THRESHOLD; 2006; Arabic - Meghreb; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
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