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Level C2
Cando Can use 'The' + premodifier + 'thing, fact, point, problem or reason' + 'is (that)' for focus.
Corrected Learner Example The sad thing about it was that it was actually Richard who said, "Why don't you go on holiday?' (Poland; C2 MASTERY; 1993; Polish; Pass)

The strange thing was that the noise reminded her of someone making a cup of tea. (C2 MASTERY; 1993; Swedish; Pass)

The sad fact is, poverty is very likely to pass down to the next generation in these situations. (China; C2 MASTERY; 1999; Chinese; Pass)

The relevant point is that that personal, almost intimate relationship between the possessor and the thing possessed is at the core of that particular love we all hold for certain things. (Spain; C2 MASTERY; 2000; Catalan; Pass)

The only problem is that they are a little too noisy in the night. (Spain; C2 MASTERY; 2003; Spanish - European; Pass)
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