SuperCat FOCUS
SubCat focus
Lexical Range N/A
Level B2
Cando Can use 'The reason (that)', 'The place (which)' + clause as subject + 'be' for focus. ► Relative clauses
Corrected Learner Example The reason I am writing is to suggest a few things about our holidays. (Greece; B2 VANTAGE; 2008; Greek; Pass)

The reason that I never continued taking lessons is that my school-work became too heavy and the costs of lessons were too expensive for me as a student. (Sweden; B2 VANTAGE; 1993; Swedish; Pass)

The place you need is called "Academiuta". (Italy; B2 VANTAGE; 2005; Italian; Pass)

The place we appreciated the most was the Cap Frehel, where nature is still wild and the birds feel at home. (Belgium; B2 VANTAGE; 1993; French; Pass)

The place which has impressed me most of all in my life is Abastumani. (Georgia (Republic of); B2 VANTAGE; 1997; Russian; Pass).
Uncorrected Learner Example
Comments 'The thing/person is' structure is covered in the relative clauses profile at B1 level, (e.g. 'The person who sat next to me was her'). By B2, a wider range of forms are used as subject.

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