SubCat reported speech
Lexical Range N/A
Level B1
Cando Can report 'wh-'questions using a reporting verb + 'wh-'word + clause, with a change of pronoun and tense shift where relevant.
Corrected Learner Example I asked why she was here. (Italy; B1 THRESHOLD; 1999; Italian; Pass)

I phoned and asked what sports we could play in this club. (France; B1 THRESHOLD; 2003; French; Pass)

When we asked why they were filming our school, they said they were looking for a location where they could film some boys and girls leaving the school and so they filmed us! (Italy; B1 THRESHOLD; 2008; Italian; Pass)

He saw a guy sat there so he sat next to him and asked where the football players were. (Portugal; B1 THRESHOLD; 2009; Portuguese; Pass)

They filmed it and interviewed a few pupils about what they think about the new swimming pool in the gym and I asked when it would be on TV. (Germany; B1 THRESHOLD; 2008; Polish; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
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