SubCat adverbs as modifiers
Lexical Range 2
Level B1
Cando Can use an increasing range of adverbs ('therefore', 'furthermore', 'otherwise') to show a relationship between two clauses or sentences.
Corrected Learner Example You don't like city's with a lot of people. Therefore I suggest you go to a small school in the countryside, near your new home. (Switzerland; B1 THRESHOLD; 2008; French; Pass)

I decided to join these classes because I have to improve my reading, writing and speaking in English. Furthermore I want to write my thesis in an English-speaking country next year. (Austria; B1 THRESHOLD; 2002; German; Pass).

Please let me know if you can collect it otherwise I will ask my other Turkish friend. (B1 THRESHOLD; 2009; Turkish; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
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