• Provide additional support for your teachers.
  • Give them direct access to Cambridge’s extensive knowledge of English language.
  • Build the expertise and credibility of your teachers. 

This service is for schools or colleges that want to support the professional development of their teachers.  It provides its teachers with access to evidence-based answers to their questions about how English is used and learned.  This builds their knowledge and confidence as teachers of English.  It is also gives them privileged access to expertise which enhances the experience of working in your institution, leading to greater employee loyalty.

When you subscribe to this service, your teachers are given access to a dedicated email account for answering their questions about English.  They are also given special access to a website where we keep insights and answers for questions that other institutions have asked us.  Those questions are anonymised to protect the identity of the enquirer.  But the value to your teachers will be the opportunity to see questions that are useful to them, but that they did not think to ask.

As answers to your questions – and those from other teachers – are added to the website, it becomes a valuable database of insights that teachers can revisit at any time.

Ask directly: your teachers ask direct questions to the Language Research Team at Cambridge University Press.

See other questions: your teachers can view questions asked by other teachers around the world - with answers!

Build expertise: your institution can use the English Clinic to build its knowledge of using and learning English.

To see some for examples of questions and their answers, please login below using your institution's account. Once you are logged in, sample research will be available under the English Clinic menu item.

For more information, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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