SubCat subordinated
Lexical Range N/A
Level B2
Cando Can use a finite subordinate clause, before or after a main clause, with conjunctions to introduce conditions. ► clauses: conditionals
Corrected Learner Example Unless something is done many people will die. (Greece; B2 VANTAGE; 1993; Greek; Pass)

Getting to work by car is comfortable and faster unless you are caught in a traffic jam. (Poland; B2 VANTAGE; 1993; Polish; Pass)

Provided the weather is fine, you could also go swimming or take a tour through our beautiful town. (Austria; B2 VANTAGE; 2001; German; Pass)

I agree with you that your house will certainly be too small and I like your suggestion to book the Majestic Hotel, provided it will not be too expensive. (Netherlands; B2 VANTAGE; 2001; Dutch; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
Comments While 'unless' is a B1 lexical item in the EVP and taught at B1, its conditional use is not established until B2. Also note that 'unless' is very error prone at B1.

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