SubCat subordinated
Lexical Range N/A
Level B1
Cando Can use a finite subordinate clause with conjunctions ('even though, (al)though, while if') to introduce contrast, before or after a main clause.
Corrected Learner Example You should come with your sister even though you would rather be alone. (France; B1 THRESHOLD; 2009; French; Pass)

Even though I am currently quite busy, I will be very glad to take part in the Conference dinner. (Italy; B1 THRESHOLD; 1999; Italian; Pass)

Although he was famous, I didn't like him. (Chile; B1 THRESHOLD; 2009; Spanish - Latin American; Pass)

Though we are not studying at the same school now, we always keep in touch. (Vietnam; B1 THRESHOLD; 2009; Vietnamese; Pass)

The main actor is my favorite actor, although I can't remember his name. (Taiwan; B1 THRESHOLD; 2002; Chinese; Pass)

I think going on holiday with your parents won't be very much fun, while if you go with your friends you will enjoy yourself much more. (Italy; B1 THRESHOLD; 2008; Italian; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
Comments Note 'even though' is at B2 in EVP and commonly taught for First Certificate but there are 109 instances on pass-level scripts at B1. Note that while with the meaning of contrast is low frequency overall, with the dominant meaning relating to time. As vocabulary evolves, 'whereas' and 'whilst' are used at B2.

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