Element FORM: 'EITHER … OR'
SubCat coordinated
Lexical Range N/A
Level B1
Cando Can combine two main clauses of the same type using 'either' in front or mid position, followed by 'or' to introduce the second clause.
Corrected Learner Example Regarding your future plans, we would like to know which city you are going to move to, so that if we get the chance, we can either visit you or write to you. (Uruguay; B1 THRESHOLD; 2002; Spanish - Latin American; Pass)

In my opinion, you should either ask your parents if you can invite a few friends, or ask them to share your holidays. (France; B1 THRESHOLD; 2008; French; Pass)

You can either go to the gym or attend some special classes where you get gentle exercises. (Ukraine; B1 THRESHOLD; 2009; Ukrainian; Pass)

I thought: "Either I talk to her now or I won't be able to talk to her anytime! (Germany; B1 THRESHOLD; 2009; German; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
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