SubCat comparatives
Lexical Range N/A
Level C2
Cando Can use 'as if' + non-finite clause to introduce a second clause as a comparison.
Corrected Learner Example She closed her eyes as if to push those thoughts away. (Brazil; C2 MASTERY; 1993; Portuguese; Pass)

There it was: the chef's body, hacked to pieces, a carving knife in his hand as if to scare off an enemy. (Brazil; C2 MASTERY; 2000; Portuguese; Pass)

I was so frightened that my heart was beating like crazy as if trying to leave my body. (Portugal; C2 MASTERY; 1993; Portuguese; Pass)

Because of this, my mother never denied us anything, as if trying to compensate for our father's death. (Brazil; C2 MASTERY; 1993; Portuguese; Pass)
Uncorrected Learner Example
Comments This is a very low frequency form. There were no instances of 'as though' + finite clauses in the CLC. 'As though' + finite clause is a relatively low frequency pattern in native speaker use (0.2 occurrences per million in CIC).

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